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Chinese & Japanese Kimono Robe

Chinese Robes and Japanese Kimono Robes are often worn as bath-robes nowadays. Kimono robes are also sometimes referred to as Yukata which literally means bath(ing) clothes in Japanese language. Kimono is the traditional garment of Japan and originally it was used for all types of clothing, but it came to refer specifically to the full-length garment that is still worn by women, men, and children.

Silk is the most desirable, and most formal, fabric. Cotton is more casual. These days there are polyester kimono as well; they are generally more casual.

People in Japan still wear kimono till this day in various occasions even though kimono dresses aren't worn as daily clothes in modern Japan.

Today, Chinese robes and Japanese Kimono robes are often made into night-wear garments or as bath-robes. They make excellent gifts as well for your friends and family because of their loose sizings.

Models wearing Chinese & Japanese Kimono Robes