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Shanghai LadyChina and the rest of Asia are rich in traditions, languages, cultures and the arts. The Western world often considers Asian, Eastern, Oriental and Chinese cultures to be exotic, fascinating and interesting.

Asian Fashion, Chinese Costumes and Asian Costumes are therefore very popular all over the world. They can often be seen in pictures and films, where not only the Asian people are wearing the Asian clothing, but the Westerners also adorning those Chinese clothes.

Oriental clothing can be worn at parties as costumes, as evening gowns or cocktail outfits, at weddings, at work in offices and even as everyday casual wear.

Some places even celebrate International Day or Cultural Day, where anybody can dress themselves up in Chinese clothing, Asian clothes and Oriental clothes, as respect and recognition of the Asian culture.

On this website, you can find much information and photos of Chinese clothing, Oriental clothing, Asian clothing, Chinese fasion, Oriental fashion, Asian fasion, Chinese clothes, Asian clothes and Oriental clothes.

Some pictures of models wearing Chinese Clothes:

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